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The plight of thousands of migrants putting their lives in peril to cross the Mediterranean has shocked. It is clear that no EU country can or should be left alone to address huge migratory pressures. The European Commission's agenda on migration sets out a European response, combining internal and external policies, making best use of EU agencies and tools, and involving all actors: EU countries and institutions, international organisations, civil society, local authorities and national partners outside the EU.

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The Commission's agenda on migration outlines an immediate response to the crisis situation in the Mediterranean and sets out longer term steps to manage migration in all its aspects.

  • Reducing the incentives for irregular migration

    Investigating, disrupting and prosecuting smugglers networks and helping align EU countries' return practices - partly by strengthening Frontex. The Commission will also aim to build stronger partnerships with key countries outside the EU.

  • Saving lives and securing external borders

    Setting a revised proposal on smart borders, financing initiatives in North Africa to help the region become stronger in search and rescue activities, and seeing if a European border guard system should be established.

  • A strong common asylum policy

    Ensuring a full and coherent implementation of the common European asylum system. This would be achieved by promoting identification and fingerprinting, seeing how a single asylum decision process would ensure equal treatment of asylum seekers in Europe, and evaluating the Dublin system by mid-2016.

  • A new policy on legal migration

    Keep Europe an attractive destination for migrants in a time of demographic decline, through actions such as reviewing the Blue Card scheme, re-prioritising integration policies, and making migration policy work better for countries of origin, for example by easing remittances.

This information is taken from this link.

This information is taken from this link.


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