Independent Corps, New York Light Infantry; Enfants Perdus Excelsior Battery, 1st; 5th Battery Ironclads; 136th Infantry Rifle Battery; 26th Battery California Regiment, 1st; 32d Infantry Union artillery batteries were generally named numerically; Confederate batteries by the name of the town or county in which they were recruited (e.g. Seward National Guard general discussion. Washington County Regiment; 93d Infantry Corcoran Zouaves; 164th Infantry 110th REGIMENT OHIO VOLUNTEER INFANTRY. On February 27, 1863, the brigade, now under the command of Brig. The Iron Brigade was not heavily engaged in the battle of Fredericksburg, besides for some minor actions by the 24th Michigan. Prince John Magruder was known for his ornate uniforms and flamboyant style; in contrast to cavalry general William E. Grumble Jones who had a constant, irritable disposition. German Artillery Corps; 1st Battalion Artillery John P. Glass, 74th Infantry They were known throughout the war as the "Black Hats" because of the black 1858 model Hardee hats issued to Army regulars, rather than the blue kepis worn by most other Union Army units. For example, a 16-year-long war fought in the 19th century in Yorubaland was nicknamed " Kiriji " which is an onomatopoeic word for the thunderous sounds of cannons used during the war. Below are those that just missed the cut. German Cavalry, 1st Regiment; 4th Cavalry Abohbots' (D. Federal Records [ edit | edit source] Beaudot, William J. K., and Herdegen, Lance J.. Dorsey, Chris "Of Iron and Stone: A Comparison of the Iron and Stonewall Brigades," The Journal of America's Military Past, (Winter, 2001); 48-67. Jefferson County Regiment; 35th Infantry Northern New York Regiment, 2d; 22d Infantry Independent Company Infantry; 45th Infantry Cortland County Regiments; 76th Infantry Black Zouaves(uncompleted) Van Buren Light Infantry; 102d Infantry Onondaga and Cortland County Regiment; 185th Infantry Sigel Sharpshooters; part 119th Infantry Union Rangers; 25th Infantry "Jo" Shelby, in the Army of Arkansas and fought in Maj. Gen. Sterling Price's Missouri Expedition, in 1864. Scott Life Guard; 28th Infantry Tompkin's Minthorne Regiment; 175th Infantry Few periods of American history are as tumultuous, disputed, and studied as the American Civil War.From April 2, 1861, to May 9, 1865, Americans battled each other over states' rights, slavery, and expansion to the west. Empire Zouaves; Company B, 66th Infantry The initial focus of the CWSS is the Names Index Project, a project to enter names and other basic information from 6.3 million soldier records in the . Beecher's Pets; Company E. 67th Infantry Category Convertible. Wayne Guards, Anthony; 135th Infantry, later 6th Artillery I, 33d Infantry Sharpshooters, Milton P. Pierce's Company; part 8th Co., Battalion Sharpshooters MUSEUM CLOSED: The museum and research center will be closed for renovations from 10 October 2022 to the winter of 2023. Bensen Guard of I25th Regiment; 12th Militia Morris' (Richard H.) Battery; retained men 9th Infantry, later part of 3d Infantry Metropolitan Guard, 1st Regiment; 131st Infantry For other uses, see, Learn how and when to remove this template message, 7th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiments, 7th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 24th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, "What Role Did Camp Randall Play In The Civil War? National Guard 4th Regiment; 173d Infantry Gen. Joseph O. Union Grenadiers, Co. A; Co. E, 103d Infantry 28th Infantry Division, US Army: Originally nicknamed "Keystone Division," the unit acquired the nickname "Bloody Bucket" by German forces during World War II because the red keystone patch resembled a bucket. Tenth Legion; 56th Infantry United States Voltigeurs or Rangers, Co. A; Co. D, 51st Infantry A multiple-choice quiz by ricbatcheller. New York or United States Cavalry, 7th Regiment; 2d Cavalry, Harris Light The abolitionist governor of Massachusetts, John . Although the list of names could go on some common, some obscure theres no question that Civil War soldiers seemed to enjoy both honoring and chastising their leaders by labeling them with distinctive nicknames. 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, III Corps (17th Maine, 3rd Michigan, 5th Michigan, 1st, 37th, and 101st New York) I, 8th Militia : A long, dark blue coat that came down to the mid thighs, resembling that of an officers coat. Drew's Co.; part Co. C, 51st Infantry Scandinavian Volunteers; Co. Chrysler's (M. H.) Independent Company of Infantry; 30th Infantry Excelsior, or Sickles' Brigade, 1st Regiment; 70th Infantry Oneida County Regiment, 5th; 146th Infantry Empire City Regiment or Guard; Company D, 6th Infantry Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion: 2d Regiment; the original 5th Regiment; Companies A and D of the 3d, and D of the 6th Regiment; the 5th Regiment formed Companies A to G; Companies A and D., 3d Regiment, I, K; and D, 6th Regiment, Company H; designated 155th Infantry . McClellan Cavalry; 20th Cavalry All rights reserved. Cromwellian Regiment; 76th Infantry, Davies Light Cavalry; 13th Cavalry (part) Perhaps the most famous nickname in military history - "Stonewall" - was bestowed on Thomas J. Jackson after his determined stance on Henry Hill at the battle of First Manassas. Buffalo Regiment, 3d; 100th Infantry Washington Grays, 1st Troop; Co. L, 1st Engineers, later 4th Battery Manhattan Rifles; Co. G (old), 43d Infantry Militia, 19th Regiment; 168th Infantry The border states had both Confederate and Union units, and in many of the Confederate states Union forces organized Union units from individuals who swore loyalty to the United States. Anderson Zouaves; 62d Infantry Rochester Cavalry Regiment; 22d Cavalry Otsego County Regiment; 76th Infantry, Palmer's Artillery; 2d Artillery It is common for every war/conflict to have its peculiar nickname and unique vocabulary used during its course. Enfants Perdus;Independent Battalion of Infantry Marine Artillery; 1st Regiment Its nickname is "Dixie," in reference to. List of American Civil War units by state, List of Union Civil War monuments and memorials, List of memorials to the Grand Army of the Republic, Confederate artworks in the United States Capitol, List of Confederate monuments and memorials, Removal of Confederate monuments and memorials. 6th Ohio: "The Guthrie Grays". Yonkers Regiment; Cos. L and M, and part of Cos. B, D, I and K, 172d Infantry, transferred to 6th Artillery, Zook's Voltigeurs; 57th Infantry Lincoln Greens; 4th Cavalry Hussars; Co. C, 3d Militia Cavalry Boonville Regiment; 97th Infantry A brass eagle badge on the side used to hold the brim up in a slouch, and finally an ostrich feather plume. Malone Regiment; 98th Infantry Sickles' Cavalry; 25th Cavalry Unfortunately, we didn't have room to include all that we found. Wheeler's Battery; 13th Independent Artillery Polish Legion; part of 39th Infantry Its been done many times before. What would it be called? Heavy Artillery; 4th Militia New York Volunteers Corps of Engineers; 1st Engineers I, 169th Infantry Swain's Cavalry Regiment; 11th Cavalry Onondaga Cavalry; part 3d Cavalry Orleans Battery; 17th Battery Colored Troops 41st Regiment Infantry U.S. Smith Battery, 4th Independent Battery Porter Guard; 10th Cavalry brigade. Many volunteer units were raised during the Civil War and soon acquired nicknames: some were created by the units themselves, some were given and some were earned. 1001 Things Everyone Should Know About American History. It repulsed the first Confederate offensive through Herbst's Woods, led by the 2nd Wisconsin, capturing much of Brig. Buffalo soldiers were African American soldiers who mainly served on the Western frontier following the American Civil War. There have been other brigades known by the same name. Metropolitan Guard, 5th Regiment; 174th Infantry Baker's Brigade Battery; E. D. Baker's Brigade, Light Artillery, Company A, later 13th Battery Sharpshooters, Robert Grant's Calcium Light; Co. E, 102d Infantry Seymour Guard; 7th Artillery This list of names will be available at the African American Civil War Memorial in Washington, D.C., as well as at NPS battlefield sites. Fisher's Cavalry; 14th Cavalry (part) Governor's Guard; 2d Mounted Rifles General Thomas received the nicknameRock of Chickamauga due to his ability to endure theonslaughtwhich the Confederacy unleashed at the Battle of Chickamauga. 2. This in an index to the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System (CWSS) which is a computerized database containing very basic facts about servicemen who served on both sides during the Civil War. However, I am now finding out that there couldpossiblyhave been two meanings to the nickname Stonewall. The popular version which is a good nickname and flaunts General Jacksons abilities, and the second is to assume that General Jackson was of no helpthat Jackson wasmerelystanding there like a stone wall!, Little Phil was the nickname given to Union General Philip H. Sheridan. Morgan State Zouaves; Co. F, 10th Infantry Scott Rifles; part 51st Infantry Morgan Light Artillery; part 2d Artillery Busteed's Battery, Chicago Light Artillery; part of 4th Battery, Calcium Light Sharpshooters; Company E, 102d Infantry 0. The blank space is already there in the regiments.dat file. The engagement began when about 35,000 Union troops marched from the federal capital in Washington, D.C. to strike a Confederate force of 20,000 along a small river known as Bull Run. Nyack Volunteers; part 17th Infantry, Ogdensburgh Regiment; 60th Infantry The 24th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment joined the brigade on October 8, 1862, prior to the Battle of Fredericksburg in December. The Michigan regiment lost 397 out of 496 soldiers, an 80% casualty rate. Constitution Guard; 40th Infantry Cherry Valley Regiment; 3d Artillery (part) Albany Zouave Cadets; Company A, 10th Militia, and Company A, 177th Infantry Washington, D.C.: Adjutant General's Office, 1861. Union general John C. The Pathfinder Frmont had been an early explorer of the western United States, and Confederate Leonidas The Fighting Bishop Polk was an Episcopal bishop before the war. Brigades in the Civil War usually took the name of their commander, especially if he was actually a brigadier general. Hawkins Zouaves, 1st; 9th Infantry Gen. Rufus King: September 28, 1861 May 7, 1862 Union Battalion of Zouaves; 6th Infantry Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion Original 6th Regiment; all, except Company D in 182d Infantry; Company D as Company H in 155th Infantry Chautauqua Regiment; 112th Infantry Oregon Rifles, 1st Regiment Fremont Rifles; Company C, 49th Infantry Stanton Legion; 145th Infantry Serrell's Artillery; 4th Battery Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion Original 2d Regiment; 4th Regiment and 170th Infantry Sigel Rifles; 52d Infantry United States Lancers; part of Cos. A and B, 4th Artillery New York Light Infantry; 11th Militia Year 1970. National Guard, see Militia The Iron Brigade, proportionately, suffered the most casualties of any brigade in the Civil War. Its exploits were depicted in the 1989 film Glory. "Dogface" A World War II and Korean War Soldier. I, 59th Infantry Confederate State Units. Col. John A. Kellogg (6th Wisconsin): February 28, 1865 April 27, 1865 Sharpshooters, 6th, 7th, Sth and gth Companies ; 1st Independent Battalion Sharpshooters Adirondack Regiment; 118th Infantry Hi! The brigade would fight in the bloody Overland campaign of 1864, and would take part in the siege of Petersburg for the rest of the war. Death of General John F. Reynolds as he supervised the deployment of the Iron Brigade early on the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg. Sauer's (Geo. I was home educated myself, along with my eleven younger siblings. Fun Trivia . The last 4 names are task specific names, such as 'Crisis Evaluation Unit' and 'Classified Intelligence Division'. Les Enfants Perdus; Independent Corps, Light Infantry Independent Company; 29th Infantry Sharpshooters, 5th Company, Tenth Legion; Co. L, 56th Infantry Brig. As a cadet at West Point, Ulysses S. Grant was known as Sam Grant in a play on his U.S. initials and Uncle Sam. "Swamphogs" 19th Indiana Infantry. Irish Brigade, Meagher's, 3d Regiment; 63d Infantry Poughkeepsie Drill Guards; 21st Militia As best as I can tell, Lincoln received this nickname because he led the nation as Abraham led his nation in the Bible. Chicago Light Artillery, Busteed's Battery; part of Batteries B and G, 1st Artillery Union Greys; 22d Militia Jackson Horse Guard; Co. A, 1st Militia Cavalry Entry for each military unit: nicknames or misdesignations; commanding officers; information on organization and composition; campaigns and battles; suggested further reading, if any. Independent Company Infantry, 2lst; Co. F, 194th Infantry Posted Over 1 Month. New York's Own; Co. "Billy Yank" A Union soldier during the Civil War. Practical Engineers and Mechanics, 1st Regiment Meagher's Irish Brigade; see Irish Brigade Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion 3d Regiment; the original 3d Regiment, except Companies A and D; all of the 7th and 8th Regiments; designated 164th Infantry I had always heard that Stonewall Jackson received his nickname because he and his troops offered up a tough defensive barrier, stonewalling the Union troops. Out of the 1,883 men the Brigade initially went to battle with, only 671 reported for duty. Mozart Regiment; 40th Infantry, N. Nail Factory Company; Co. Back to Unit. The Iron Brigade prepared for battle, at Gettysburg, by anchoring the Union Army's southern flank, 10:0010:45a.m., on Day 1. Buffalo Regiment, 2d; 49th Infantry Seymour (Horatio) Cavalry, 1st Regiment, Cos. A and B; Cos. E and F, 13th Cavalry The nickname "Iron Brigade," with its connotation of fighting men with iron dispositions, was applied formally or informally to a number of units in the Civil War and in later conflicts. WilHamsburgh Volunteers; Co. A, 3d Infantry Long Island Volunteers, 1st Regiment; 67th Infantry Connaught Rangers; 87th Infantry Irish Legion, Corcoran's, see Corcoran's Brigade Chiquita-17, Snuggles-15, Rose-12, Bud-10, Grace-5 and Joy-3 (blog nicknames) A Little About Me. Orange and Sullivan Regiment; 56th Infantry McClellan Infantry, Co. C; Co. E, 87th Infantry Cavalry, 17th Regiment; 1st Veteran Cavalry (part) Empire City Regiment or Guard; Company K, 32d Infantry Hooker said that the brigade had performed even more superbly at Second Bull Run; to this, McClellan said that the brigade consisted of the "best troops in the world". Bethesda, Maryland. Vermont units are listed on pages 73-78. Engineers and Artisans; 2d Engineers; 15th Engineers (part) Nicknamed Dirty First, the 31 st fought hard in these Civil War battles: Battle of Belmont Battle of Fort Donelson Battle of Champion Hill Battle of Big Black River Siege of Vicksburg Battle of Kennesaw Mountain Battle of Atlanta Battle of Jonesboro March to the Sea #11: Alabama 26 th Infantry Regiment - Confederate United States Volunteers, 1st Regiment Horse Artillery; Cos. B, A and I, 2d Artillery New York Union Volunteers, 1st; 31st Infantry : THREE YEARS' SERVICE. For example, 61% (1,153 out of 1,885) were casualties at Gettysburg. State Rifles, New York; 18th Infantry Ira Harris Cavalry; 6th Cavalry Richmond Guards; Co. G, 33d Infantry Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion 4th Regiment; the original 2d Regiment; designated the 170th Infantry The brigade fought in the battles of Second Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Mine Run, Overland, Richmond-Petersburg, and Appomattox. Slow Trot and Rock of Chickamauga are both nicknames for Union General George H. Thomas. To some soldiers, the idea of being part of an extended military family resulted in affectionate names like William T. Uncle Billy Sherman, John Uncle John Sedgwick, and Sterling Old Pap Price. Anthon's Battalion, Light Artillery, 28th Battery Part 2, The UnionNew England. United States Light Artillery, Gov. Gen. Rufus King and were originally known as King's Wisconsin Brigade. McClellan Infantry; one company, 102d Infantry Western Irish Regiment; Cos. G, H and I, 105th Infantry Excelsior Battery, 2d; 10th Battery There are a few stories related to the origin, but the men immediately adopted the name, which was quickly used in print after South Mountain. Militia, 1st Battalion Light Artillery; part Battery L, 1st Artillery Readanother post on More Civil War Nicknames, The Confusing Confederate Service of Randolph McCoy. Bemis Height Regiment; 77th Infantry [1], The unit that eventually became known as the Iron Brigade was activated on October 1, 1861, upon the arrival in Washington, D.C., of the 7th Wisconsin. Ira Harris Guard, 2d; 6th Cavalry His nickname among his men was his callsign, "Chaos." 2. Shelby's Iron Brigade was a Confederate cavalry brigade also known as the "Missouri Iron Brigade". Fredendall Regiment; failed to organize part of 91st Infantry National Guard Rifles; part 57th Infantry Albany Regiments; 91st Infantry Hooker replied, "[Brigadier] General Gibbon's brigade of Western men." The 2nd Wisconsin would leave the brigade once they mustered out in 1864, and the 24th Michigan would be transferred up north for guard duty. Guards of Liberty and Union; Mohawk Rangers, 81st Infantry, Halleck Guard; Co. H, 13th Cavalry Wayne County Regiments; part of 138th Infantry Sarsfield Rifles; part 59th Infantry Excelsior, or Sickles' Brigade The trouser extended from the mid waist down to the ankles and had a pocket on either side. The 2nd Brigade of the U.S. Army's 1st Armored Division has carried the Iron Brigade moniker since 1985 and was previously called the "Black Hat" Brigade. Fortunately for the Federal cause that day, this unit was the 2 nd United States Sharpshooters, one-half of the most lethal detachment of the American Civil War. Wadsworth Guards; 104th Infantry Jackson Regiment, Excelsior Brigade, or Light Infantry; 71st Infantry Militia, 2d Regiment; 82d Infantry Onondaga County Regiment, 6th; 185th Infantry Central New York Battalion; 26th Infantry Sailors See a list of 18,000 African American sailors that served in the Civil War. Westchester Chasseurs; 17th Infantry The 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team of the 2nd Infantry Division (United States) is known as the Iron Brigade as well. It was combined into a brigade with the 2nd and 6th Wisconsin, and the 19th Indiana, under the command of Brig. Rochester Race Horses; 140th Infantry On August 28, 1862, during the preliminary phases of the Second Battle of Bull Run, it stood up against attacks from a superior force under Maj. Gen Thomas J. W Whitehall Light Guards; reorganized as Co. G, 22d Infantry However, the pressure would eventually be too heavy, and the Brigade would slowly fall back to Seminary Ridge. Herkimer Regiment; 34th Infantry Bartlett's Naval Brigade; 99th Infantry United States Volunteers; part 59th Infantry I, 194th Infantry Improvements to 1914-scenario, bunch of new stuff and improvements for 1936-scenario, new events, visuals and much, much more. Now under the command of John Gibbon, a regular Army officer from North Carolina who chose to stay with the Union,[4] King's brigade was designated the 4th Brigade, 1st Division, III Corps, and it saw its first combat in the Northern Virginia Campaign, fighting at Brawner's Farm, August 28th, 1862, where they received their deadly baptism of fire. Duryee's Zouaves, 1st; 5th Infantry Independent Volunteers; 50th Engineers Irish Brigade, Meagher's, 1st Regiment; 69th Infantry Conkling Rifles; 97th Infantry Nicknames For Civil War War for the Union Camellia War Topher Cayden Brat Papa Hat cave Civil War in Sparkling King War Esabel Asoka Journey Paddle War Pennyroyal War Rose Candy Baby Doo Ultimate Bulky War Some use Starfish War vane War Brenda Mannish space lance sup Civil Warva Sunny War Skull Paulette Angela War Colorado Civil War boy Sun Cameron Legion; Company K, 59th Infantry Madison and Cortland Regiment; 157th Infantry Civil War Nicknames Trivia Quiz. Gen. John Gibbon, who led the brigade into its first battle. The 157th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, also known as the Iron Brigade, is based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Gen. Solomon Meredith: November 25, 1862 July 1, 1863 (wounded at Gettysburg). American Rifles; 71st Militia I hardly see why this nickname is worth mention. Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker, commanding I Corps, approached Army of the Potomac commander Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan, seeking orders. Ohio 6th Independent Cavalry Co. (Jeptha Garrard's); Co. L, 3d Cavalry Brannigan's Company K; 63d Infantry He was 100 years old. Seymour Light Cavalry; 13th Cavalry United States Volunteer Cavalry, 1st Regiment; 1st Cavalry Militia, 13th Regiment; part 87th Infantry The Copperheads were an interesting political group that was most famous for their use of the press. Index of Synonyms, A|B|C|D|E|F|G|H|I|J|K|L|M|N|O|P|R|S|T|U|V|W|Y|Z, Abohbots' (D. Humbold Yaegers; part 58th Infantry Fire Brigade; 73d Infantry Northern Tier Regiment; 22d Infantry Lewis County Battalion; 3d Battalion Artillery Colored Troops 37th Regiment Infantry U.S. The 3rd Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division is also known as the Iron Brigade. Your email address will not be published. Cemeteries Battery; part 80th Infantry Also, the fact that the book mentions the name, but offers up no explanation seems strange. Bruen's (Edward) Independent Company of Infantry; part of 143d Infantry The memorial is due for completion in the fall of 1997. Fifty-sixth Regiment Battery (Fitch's), 2d; 8th Battery Fort Plain Battery; Battery K, 1st Artillery Heavy Artillery, 1st Regiment; Co. B, 2d Artillery : University Publications of America, 1993. Corning Light Cavalry; 18th Cavalry McClellan Rifles; Cos. A to E, 90th Infantry Abraham Lincoln, New York, military, rebellion, secession, artillery, the federal government, battlefield, fire, conflict, secession are some of the common words referred to whenever you will talk about the war's period. Corcoran's Brigade or Irish Legion Original 5th Regiment; later the 2d; 155th Infantry New York Sharpshooters, 5th Company; 56th Infantry Young Napoleon was the nickname given to Union General George B. McClellan. Battery D, New York Volunteer Artillery; 5th Battery Washington Grays; 8th Militia New York Sappers and Miners; 15th Engineers While there are numerous tales as to how he received the nickname of Honest Abe, Father Abraham is more interesting to me. The following units served the Union Army during the American Civil War . Baxter Light Guards; 31st Infantry Willard's Battalion of Artillery; later 20th and 28th Batteries Brig. Lochiel Cameron Highlanders; 78th Infantry (old), Elliott's Organization An important inventory for finding Civil War military histories is: A Guide to the Microfiche Edition of Civil War Unit Histories: Regimental Histories and Personal Narratives. Link To This Page Contact Us Military Units of the Union. The Confederate Iron Brigade was part of the division, commanded by Brig. Is there a list of Gilmore Medal Recipeints to be found anyw. Mounted Rifles, 2d; 2d Mounted Rifles The line is known for its size, strength, and dedication to the protection of the backfield. Mathew W. Lively Tenth Legion Cavalry; 1st and 2d Cos. Cavalry, 56th Infantry, later Cos. D and C, 1st Mounted Rifles This single-shot, muzzle loading, percussion cap rifle weighed nine pounds with a barrel length of forty inches. Zouaves, 2d; a transient organization, men joined 40th Infantry, Rosters Of The New York Volunteers During The Civil War, 61 Lake Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 Little Mac McClellan and Philip Little Phil Sheridan were named for their small statue, while Confederate Nathan G. Shanks Evans was recognized by his skinny, knock-kneed legs. Black River Artillery; 4th Battalion; 7th Battalion Artillery Naval Brigade, Bartlett's; 99th Infantry Smith's Zouaves; 165th Infantry United States or New York Cavalry, 7th Regiment; 2d Cavalry, Harris Light Rebel general William Extra Billy Smith, owner of an antebellum mail coach business, reportedly had a knack for obtaining additional government payments for his postal routes. Madaus, Howard Michael & Richard Zeitlin. What was the nickname of the infantry unit that marched the furthest in the Civil War in one 24-hour period? United States National Guards; 11th Infantry Provisional Cavalry; 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Provisional Regiments of Cavalry Metropolitan Brigade Onondaga County Regiment, 4th; 149th Infantry Troy Regiment, 3d; 169th Infantry One Hundred and Eighth New York Volunteers; 6th Co. Sharpshooters