Thank you for posting! Weeeee! I used two whole eggs for not wasting an egg white, but it turned out fine. I frosted my cake and then covered it well with plastic and it was GREAT the next day. Do you think I could skip the cocoa and/or replace the weight with more powdered sugar? You can make baking powder by using baking soda and an acid (usually, cream of tartar is used) at home. Does it give a tighter crumb for it? The salt in the frosting is the perfect touch. Rich but perfect cut in 16 squares, and hit the chocolate spot. . But, what a lovely thing to have a perfect recipe to get to play with. Thanks Deb! These will be great for my babes first birthday party tomorrow! I did not overbake though and it came out moist and perfect. Next time I will make it with some raspberries on top. This looks amazing! I only had bittersweet chocolate, but I made the frosting as written and it was perfect. Thanks! Looks amazing, making this today (because quarantine). Would this be enough frosting for three layers? Omg, I am on bus to work (8am) and I want chocolate cake NOW (That one ^ I have no resolve ~ diet has left the bus :) ), Now I have to buy rainbow sprinkles. I dont have any dutched cocoa but used regular ghiradelli coca and it came out just fine (threw in a handful of extra chocolate baking chips for good measure). I baked for exactly 22 minutes in two little pans. I also topped the cake with my own chocolate whipped ganache as I needed to use up my heavy whipping cream. In terms of the icing, the same thing happened to me as with Erin, the icing became oily. That chocolate cake is everything, the cake just looks so yummy and delicious. Find that I need to let the butter milk warm bit at room temperature or it hardens the butter when mixed in and makes it lumpy. Keep in mind that there is no telling where said birthmark will show up I am pretty sure my mother is not the only woman to utter the hint, I mean heartfelt words, Nonni, I want only to have her grandmother show up with a big dish of (fill in the blank)! Recipes. So, I made the cake. I have made this several times and absolutely love it! I thought of making two 9 cakes using this recipe, filling with vanilla whipped cream and cubed strawberries and topping with chocolate ganache. Thanks, Deb!!!!!! Darn! Question: Do you have an opinion on buttercreams that use melted chocolate vs cocoa powder? Score!). Beat the 12 tablespoons (170g) of butter with the 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons (225g) of sugar, and salt until light and fluffy. It was DELICIOUS! blueberry crumb cake. $5.50; 200 . Love your strawberry cake, so I was excited to try this one. Perfect size cake for two people. Chocolatey, soft-textured but not crumbly, sweet but not overpowering. I decided to divide my cake in to two 9 round pans. 3/4 cup (175 ml) buttermilk (see Notes for other options) Man, Deb I have made this cake about 5 times in the last two months. I needed a very quick and easy cake for my brothers birthday and this cake was easy and great and frosting in the food processor amazing!!!! I just made your best birthday cake with the addition of chocolate chips for my fiances birthday, and he requested a chocolate buttercream frosting. Speed this up by placing it outside for 10 minutes (thanks, winter!). I made this cake for Christmas and it was extremely delicious. Is it the same as far as acidity as regular buttermilk? Bottom line, it needed to be made well enough in advance to get to the best consistency and flavor. When I click Print Recipe I am directed to another website, which requires me to do I dont know what. This one is almost brownie-like (especially on day 2) but definitely still cakey and has a great chocolate flavor. Beautiful, btw. measurement question! Ive put it in an 8 inch round, cut in half and created a half layer cake. 6 tablespoons / 73 g dark brown sugar Thank you! Chum Yes, it would be delicious. ), Adrienne 913 isnt the wrong pan for doubling an 88, in fact, its about as close as youll get to doubled from a standard pan. Thank you! Congrats you just made brownies.. really? I made this (in a Transformer-shaped silicone cake pan) for my sons 6 year old birthday party last weekend. Sincere apologies if I missed the one for a 6 pan. I made brownies and was looking for a chocolate frosting for them, so tried this. The icing on this was great! *head smack*. I call it my short on time, big on love cake, perfect for celebrations. Deb: Dont worry if it looks lumpy! Yum! Sally Usually in the fridge for a day does the trick. I made this with a mix of yoghurt and single cream, light brown sugar instead of dark, and caster sugar instead of granulated. Oh Deb. ;) Anyway, Im sure you know how well your book is selling by the numbers, but I thought Id share the glee of finding your book and an enthusiastic audience in a couple of different countries. I look forward to trying it again with regular Dutch process cocoa. My husband is back in NY right now (he speaks german) and im lost with a 2 year old and google translate on my phone at the grocery store (getting ingredients for this cake as a surprise)! What do the chunks seem composed of, does it seem like sugar or chocolate? I substituted buttermilk for greek yogurt and it worked just fine. Im so worried about under-baking, even by a little that I forget the residual baking in the pan once I take it out of the oven. Me? I switched out the AP flour for a gluten free flour mix and it turned out very well. I used a whisk to mix the not really lumpy cocoa. Just made this cake tonight and as I have a milk allergy I replaced the buttermilk with 1/2 cup strong coffee and 1/4 cup red wine!! At 38 weeks, Ive decided I really should eat whatever I want, especially things that might cause problems when I start breast feeding in a couple weeks. Reasons for this: the pickled onion recipe should be on my fridge, the sweet tart recipe I use with everything, etc. It is the kitchen tool that will make spreading cake batter, especially in round pans (among many other spreading chores) and icing a cake so much easier! Im totally making this cake for his first birthday. but nowall shall be right in the world. Line a 15cm round springform tin with a circle of parchment paper. I have a question about the amount of sugar. Smitten Kitchen's cake, which is baked in a single layer in a square pan, met a similar fate. Loved this! Its a problem, I hear you loud and clear! I dont have Dutched cocoa: Dutch-process cocoa (generally speaking, its the standard in European brands) differs from natural cocoa (what you have if your cocoa isnt labeled Dutch, or if its an American brand) in that its acidity has been neutralized to form a darker, nuttier cocoa that I prefer. I cant wait. A question about the eggs. I dont know if thats an issue with my oven (soon to be replaced) or the el cheapo disposable foil cake pan I was using (all the cake pans are of course in a storage box somewhere), but after the intitial 18 minutes, the batter was barely set around the edges; after five more minutes the center was still jiggling like a perfect custard pie; after five *more* minutes it had finally started to puff up and the surface was dry, but the center was still goopy when I tested it. If so, then it was the decrease in sugar. Yummy! Lower than 7 is acidic, higher than 7 is basic/alkali. I wanted to take this to the next level though so I doubled the recipe for 2 layers and then spread a layer of salted caramel in the middle and drizzled some more on top of the frosting. Um, do not make this cake unless you plan to eat the whole thing. I questioned the need for unsweetened chocolate vs. one of the many choices I already had in my pantry and am certainly glad I went and got some. Anyways, good luck! Except the word wanted doesnt accurately describe the craving; it was suddenly everything. Im making for a party and dont want to not have enough! I followed the instructions and used exactly the type and amount of ingedients called for. that I might have to exclusively dedicate this space for a while to a few currently acceptable categories, those that involve butter, bread, peanut butter or chocolate. This cake worked WONDERFULLY! So yummy! Delicious! I use a stand mixer with paddle attachment. YUMMMMmmmmmmm. Doesnt have to be a quick buttercream but I would prefer not to do a ganache. When I had a piece I cut some cake, scooped out some frosting and let it sitto warm and frosted the squares individually before eating. Ive made this version and the red wine version and both are moist and perfectly chocolatey delightfully eat-em-up good! I am considering 88 two layers. Ye gods all I want is that chocolate cake now (hello final month of pregnancy, so lovely to finally meet you). It will now be my go-to recipe when chocolate cake is called for. A real end of the week treat. Cupcakes bake for 14 to 18 minutes. (!!!) Ive made the peanut butter one several times (with and without the frosting+ganache) and love how moist it is, although I do reduce the sugar quite a bit and almost double the cocoa powder. This one looks just absolutely perfect! I dont think you will have time to respond to this question, but I am baking a beautiful cake for my baby who is turning one. Should I just make one 9 cake and cut into two, or just go with a different recipe altogether? For a 4 tiered cake, says triple the recipe but what about when Heres a measurement converter from Land O Lakes but please feel free to Google the information from any website youd like: I love that this recipe is for a small-ish cake. ps: your banana bread recipe CHANGED MY LIFE. G-d!!!!! I will absolutely try this as cupcakes next time. Unbelievable. We ate cake outside and in the rain because thats how it goes in quarantine. Yum to both the cake and the frosting! Dear Deb- Im hoping you can solve a problem for me. Oh my goodness, this looks heavenly! I know this recipe is going to be fantastic. Fran You can use coffee for most of the buttermilk and Ive heard good things about mayo too. Funny, I am so the I need chocolate cake now kind of person, and it has nothing to do with hormonal cravings. At seven weeks (for the third time), I both totally understand these intense cravings and cant tell if I actually want this cake or not. My 8yo made this today. Has anyone made the fudgy sheet cake and if so, how do you think it compares? Would that work? Rather than a cream cheese frosting, you'll make a quick buttercream frosting, which I found was harder to spread. I loved it! This is calling my name. This frosting, tripled, perhaps, looks perfect! Too thin. A friend whos feeling low, had a birthday yesterday at 3:30 or so he asked to hang out and what is a birthday without a few sprinkles, so I started this cake at 5 and it was fully ready to go at 7 (and that was mostly cooling time). Im at a similar stage, due in August, and Ive been equally crazy for chocolate cake and not much else. I love the buttermilk and richness from the egg yolk. Theres a note under the instructions about swapping the two types of cocoa, which I hope helps. The perfect antidote to absolutely needing a chocolate fix. Chocolate yummy!!!!! *Turns to recipe for next step* Some more info about coffee acidity can be found here. What is you favorite kind to eat? i dont have rainbow sprinkles and am feeling a bit too lazy to run out and get them right now would it be a terrible idea to finish this with some grey sea salt? 1. Video Notes I was looking for a quick and easy chocolate cake recipe, so finally I tried this one and I am thrilled! And best wishes to you and your growing family! It was moist, but still firm, and tasted even better after a day or two in the fridge. belgian brownie cakelets. I regretted not licking every beater of chocolate buttercream that had ever crossed my path when I worked at a bakery in high school. It lasted until around 21 weeks with number one, and week 17 with number two. I have leftover red wine that i thought i would use to make this cake. I made this cake for dinner at a family friends house we needed something amazing and indulgent, but not overwhelmingly complicated or fussy (small children ((and adults)) are only willing to wait so long for dessert, after all). Might just need more time? Im so, oh, so sad. Im making a double layer cake for my daughters birthday with 8 inch rounds. I didnt want chocolate cake 5 minutes ago, but now I do. 450g mascarpone cheese 280g icing sugar Pinch of salt tsp vanilla extract Method Step 1 Preheat your oven to 160C (fan 140C/gas mark 3). Thanks, Deb! Well, I only made the frosting, not the cake (I put this frosting on a box yellow cake) but this is truly the best frosting I have ever made. The first two attempts were as the recipe said, the third with replacing 1/2C of buttermilk with coffee. Cupcakes for my sons birthday, a tiered-cake for my husbands birthday, a snowy weekend afternoon that calls for chocolate cake This is pretty much the only kind of cake we make now. We even put candles on it for the number of weeks we were celebrating. (Im pretty confident itll be right if I add it just after the eggs and vanilla. Mazel Tov on your happy news, and thanks again for your indispensable Smittenkitchen! Im so surprised. The only edit I would make is to halve the amount of frosting. Or should I just give in and go to the store? I followed the instructions exactly and the cake turned out beautifully. My question: my daughter wants a chocolate-strawberry cake for her birthday. With the Dutch process cocoa this cake is a gorgeous deep devils food color. Cat Actually, its just a smaller cake. We made this (as cupcakes) when we were quarantined for Halloween, and now were making them for Valentines Day and not in quarantine. First time I made this cake (huge success, by the way) I used natural because thats all I had. Even my usually anti-cake husband liked it, which is saying a lot. Like pregnancy? Id use flour or cornstarch instead of cocoa (or half of each) and white instead of brown sugar. Amazing. My baking-phobic girlfriend made this for my birthday. Its an okay price, at least. I used coconut sugar in place of the brown sugar here, and about 40g less, it works great! Your site is consistently the best food site on the entire internet. This has been my kids birthday cake two years running! And the Dutch process cocoa seriously made a difference. In most recipes, you can reduce it by 25% without changing a whole lot. Made this last night great timing as the boyfriends 35th was yesterday and usually my desserts are too fancy for him. This is definitely my go-to chocolate cake. At 11 weeks, mine are fish (every kind except the rare tuna salad sandwich), risotto or risotto-like creations, and chocolate in most forms. Thank you for sharing a great recipe! The outside was not dry and the cake did not collapse. (but we still found the cake delish . <3 <3 <3, Deb, your advice on raspberry buttercream was perfect. I find melting and cooling the chocolate to be the most annoying task, and have seen recipes that simply call for cocoa powder instead. ;) But, I whip whipped cream by hand all of the time. We did not make it to the grocery store until after we were both done with work and because its COVID times our trip took two hours so I started this cake at 7. However, my cake was dense, moist, almost fudgy- like a good brownie! It looks incredible. The cake never fails and is always a huge hit. I guess Ill just have to give this cake a go at the next family birthday (which, thankfully, is in barely two weeks). Making this for Mothers Day, and an 88 is too much cake for two people on the pandemic meal plan. A little more butter / less flour? I looked at your lighter than air cake, but 4 layers is too intimidating for me Thanks! I usually hear about substitutions with flax eggs, but nobody has mentioned doing so here yet in the comments. I only made the frosting part, but had to comment because it was fantastic and easy. That could be the issue too much creaming. I found you last year, bought the book, and have since made at least a dozen cakes and more. I NEVER comment, but this hit me right in my stress-baking sweet spot and I made it yesterday with a three year old and a baby underfoot. Seriously, we love it so much!! The best looking thing ever. My almost perfect holiday baking seasonThis cake is lovely & easy to make & bake & eat. But I found it to have a slightly grainy texture. Came out perfect!